"Bachelor in Paradise" returned to ABC on Monday night, August 14 and Tuesday night, August 15. Host Chris Harrison addressed the scandal that caused production to shut down in June. It was determined that nothing inappropriate happened between DeMario Jackson, 30, and Corinne Olympios, 24.

Monday night

What was seen on Monday night's two-hour episode was what had been taped over the first two days in early June before the scandal. DeMario Jackson wanted it shown to clear his name. Viewers saw Jackson and Olympios on Monday night but will not see them during the rest of the series because they did not return when Season 4 resumed.

Tuesday night

A wedding took place at the beginning of Tuesday's episode. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass (who met and fell in love on Season 3) were happy to share their love story with America that culminated in their romantic Mexican wedding officiated by Chris Harrison. Most of those who attended were former contestants. Carly and Evan are now expecting their first child. Footage of past "Bachelor" weddings was shown.

After the wedding

After the wedding, Harrison showed up on an empty beach to explain to viewers what happened earlier in the summer that caused the show to be shut down. When the contestants returned to the beach, Harrison had a long talk with them to find out if they really wanted to continue with the show.

One by one they said they were there for the right reason and they wanted to be there in Mexico.

Those who returned said they agreed with what Warner Bros. concluded after the investigation. They defended the crew by saying that no one was forced to drink and act wild as the media insinuated.

Also, the contestants explained what they thought about what they had seen in the media.

The general consensus was that the two people at the center of the scandal had been misrepresented. Most of them said they felt sorry for DeMario because even though he was cleared of any wrongdoing, the scandal will always be part of his record on social media.

Harrison introduced some new rules concerning drinking and consenting to intimacy.

After the discussion, the contestants tried to resume the relationships they established back in June. Some new relationships were formed, and things seem to be back to normal.

Even though production was shut down for a short period of time, "Bachelor in Paradise" was able to finish shooting over the course of 14 days last month.