"Big Brother 19" is doing great in ratings this year. The fans tune in each episode to see the latest antics of this group of chaotic and dramatic houseguests. They have yet to have a boring week or even a day for that matter. Fans are getting a second week of four episodes already. Now we just need to figure out why.

The following will contain spoilers for "Big Brother 19." If you don't want to know what may be coming, stop reading now.

"TV Guide" has listed a fourth show next Friday, August 18th for "Big Brother 19." The description of the show simply says that the new Head of Household will be moving into their new room.

Well, normally this happens on Thursday evening after the competition for HOH and is aired for the television audience on the Sunday show. So what is changing next week to lead to a special show?

Could it be the second Battle Back?

Social media is buzzing about the possibility of another Battle Back. There is a problem with that theory, however. Since the Battle Back competition that Cody won, there has only been one eviction. Ramses was sent home on Jessica's HOH. The next eviction during Paul's HOH was stopped when Jessica saved herself and Cody with the Halting Hex. There will be one eviction this week but in order to have enough evicted "Big Brother 19" houseguests to compete in a second Battle Back, next Thursday (August 17th) would have to be a double eviction.

A double eviction has yet to happen this season and should be coming. If "Big Brother" does decide to have a double eviction next week, that would give three players the chance to Battle Back on the special Friday episode. The houseguests would then need to compete for Head of Household and move upstairs as the "TV Guide" is saying.

Now that's a twist!

The plan in the "Big Brother 19" house is to evict Jessica this week. Team Paul plans to ban together, win the next HOH, and get Cody out and off to Jury with Jessica. If this all plays out, fans could possibly see both Jessica and Cody battling back into the house against each other.

Now there is another option.

It is based on rumors, however.There have been whispers of a backyard concert by Ziggy Marley. The entertainment for "Big Brother 19" is hinted to have a theme similar to last years Country Fair with visits from previous houseguests. Some speculation has centered around when this will be shown, and how production will exclude the houseguest that is evicted from the edit of the event. Of course, showing this in a special episode would be more for ratings, with it so out of the sequence of real time events.