"Big Brother 19" fans tune in each summer for all the drama and chaos that goes on in the house. This usually means comps, who has what power, and who is wearing the biggest target. This year it means something else though. Fans have noticed, and are talking about, the possibly inappropriate relationship the husband and father has with Christmas.

The following will contain live feed spoilers for "Big Brother 19." If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut for the show, stop reading now.

Viewers of the live feeds have been rather surprised by the actions of Kevin lately.

Until now the father of seven has been seen as the house dad in the "Big Brother 19" game. Though he is the oldest houseguest, Kevin fits right in. His funny and laid-back persona is taking him farther than most older players in "Big Brother" and is currently not seen as a threat.

Are they getting too close?

Christmas has been close to Paul the entire game. Since her injury, Team Paul has stayed loyal to Christmas. The relationship she has maintained with Kevin since the premiere of "Big Brother 19," however, is changing. The two spend quite a bit of time together and seem a little too affectionate at times.

Live feeders get a shock.

Back on August 1st, at 3:15 PM, live feeders witnessed an exchange between him and Jason.

Kevin made a troubling confession to his housemate. He said he might be falling in love with Christmas. Jason laughed it off, and two continued chatting until they came around to targets. Kevin admitted he would vote Christmas out because it would be a game move. He then asked Jason if he would put her out because of that, or because she could be a temptation that ruins their real lives back home.

After that conversation, "Big Brother" fans have lit up social media with their thoughts. While some fans blame Christmas, saying she isn't showing respect for Kevin's wife and children, there are fans on the flip side of the coin. They are saying that Kevin is the married one with vows. Either way, all agree they aren't happy with the idea.

Christmas was planning a wedding for September 3rd. With the finale of "Big Brother 19" being tentatively set for September 20th, there is no word on whether or not she is still engaged. Could they have broken up prior to her entering the "Big Brother 19" house? There is no word from the would-be groom, Geoff Kercher.

Do you think the relationship between Christmas and Kevin is too touchy? Are they just friends that are lonely without their partners? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.