"Big Brother 19" has had two strong leaders in the house from day one. The two together would have been unstoppable but they couldn't put their personal egos aside and work as a team. They have instead been rivals since the very beginning and will never find common ground.

The "Big Brother 19" house has been called The Paul Show by fans for weeks now. He has made the decision of who the target will be, orchestrated the plan, and put it in place. The houseguests have listened to him, casting votes they way he tells them to, with sometimes a strange vote to throw off the other houseguests and keep them thinking there was someone who couldn't be trusted.

Now here we are a jury time, and a few of the "Big Brother 19" houseguests seem to be becoming disenchanted with Paul.

Is it time for Team Cody to rise to power?

Alex and Kevin have had talks about possibly switching to Team Cody. After Jessica is evicted this Thursday, he will be out for revenge. To win the HOH and target Josh alongside Paul will be his goal. Cody will want to get Paul out of the house right away and clear the path for himself. Kevin and Alex both feel that post eviction may be the time to join Cody to further their game. Chances are very good that Mark and Elena will also be on Team Cody next week. That would give them five strong before Jason and Christmas make a decision. Maven and Josh should remain loyal to Team Paul.

Christmas and Josh have been talking a lot lately as well. Christmas has reminded Josh more than once that this is his HOH, and not Paul's. She has encouraged him to make moves to further his personal "Big Brother" game, rather than blindly do what Paul tells him to.

Does Paul know they are doubting him?

Live feeders have noticed that Paul is at times a lot quieter than normal.

He seems to be pensive and lost in deep thought. Could he be realizing he needs a new strategy if he wants to keep the gang in line? So far there have been no reports of those type of conversations, but Paul has great instincts in "Big Brother" and should have a clue that the natives are restless.

Josh started the week saying Jessica was his target then switched to Elena.

He told Christmas and Paul that he really wanted her gone because he can't personally trust her in the game. At this point in the week, Josh is targeting Jessica once again. It seems as though this will be an easy eviction for the "Big Brother 19" house. Cody may be the only one not voting to evict Jessica this week.