“Arrow” Season 6 will return in October with the revelation of who lived and died after the unexpected cliffhanger in Season 5 finale. According to the series’ lead star Stephen Amell, he knew very well where the fifth season will go and end.

However, he revealed as well that he is aware of how season 6 is going to end but is completely clueless of how the series got where it'll be. According to Digital Spy, the 36-year-old actor shared, “It is a bit of a different year in terms of how we are building things, how we are introducing people, what the threat is...

and I am excited about it."

Where ‘Arrow’ Season 6 kicks off

It can be recalled that Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra), a.k.a. Prometheus detonated a series of bombs in Lian Yu by killing himself. Until now, except for several addressed issues, no details have been confirmed about the fate of Team Arrow.

Meanwhile, “Arrow” Season 6’s theme will reportedly be about family. After the tragic incident that Oliver and his son William Clayton (Jack Moore) witnessed, the Green Arrow is set to focus on one thing – fatherhood. It has been revealed that Amell has four consecutive scenes with Moore during the first-day shooting of Season 6.

While he is more nervous than the kid, Amell praised Moore for the excellent talent he showed.

Moreover, co-showrunner of the series Marc Guggenheim shared that they addressed in the writers’ room many times the possible disadvantages of introducing the kid. In the end, they decided to make things as real as possible. This means that issues between Oliver and his son must somehow be resolved.

On the other hand, co-showrunner Wendy Mericle said that they closely identified what were the successful aspects of Season 5.

Mericle revealed there will be less paranormal, super-powered and magical villains.

Female characters to confuse Green Arrow again

Of course, avid fans are hoping for Felicity Smoak’s (Emily Bett Rickards) return in Season 6. The 26-year-old actress said in an interview that Olicity relies on how fans would respond in Season 6.

It can be recalled that an intimate kiss happened between former lovers, Felicity and Oliver, before the latter left to chase Prometheus prior to the explosion.

Furthermore, another girl will be returning to Oliver Queen’s life and fans won’t like. Helena Bertinelli (Jessica Elise De Gouw) might reprise her role as The Huntress. Guggenheim says the said role was his personal favorite. He confirmed some plans for “The Huntress,” but fans will soon hear the progress updates once De Gouw’s schedule permits her to join the series again. Watch out for “Arrow” Season 6 on The CW network!