Fans of Taylor Swift – or “Swifties,” as they call themselves – expressed their support as the international pop singer appeared in court to defend herself over an alleged groping incident, BBC reported.

According to the report, the singer’s fans were proud and inspired by how she acted and what she said during the court testimony this week.

A fan named Alex Goldschmidt wrote on Twitter, “Proud and inspired by Taylor Swift today. This is what strength looks like. We should all be as badass as she was in court today.”

Another fan named Marcus Kawa hoped that Swift goes out as the victor in the trial, saying that there is no excuse for all kinds of sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, another avid follower of the singer said that she might have watched a lot of “Law And Order” episodes, which the artist coincidentally confirmed during the court testimony, as reported on BBC.

“Yes! I named my cat after Law and Order’s Olivia Benson,” Swift reportedly said during the testimony.

“She knows what she is doing. She came for blood,” the avid follower wrote.

Swift’s strong statements

BBC reported the Bad Blood singer appeared in court this week over the alleged incident of sexual assault with a former radio host. A lawsuit is being heard in court over allegations of groping by the radio DJ David Mueller to the international singer.

The “Bad Blood” singer reportedly accused Mueller of groping her while posing for a concert photo back in 2013.

Fans and spectators praised the pop artist for her “sharp and satisfying” testimony during her court appearance, even comparing it to how she writes her song lyrics, the report continued.

Billboard magazine stated that she was “precise, self-assured and direct.”

The international pop star reportedly remained strong with her stand that Mueller allegedly had his hand stuck under her skirt, and grabbed her behind.

When asked if she might have misidentified the alleged wrongdoer, the article reported that she rejected this accusation.

“It happened. I have a three-dimensional rendition of the event inside my mind. I could have singled him out of 1,000. I know exactly who started this. It is not alleged. It is a fact,” the article quoted Swift’s statements.

Mueller still denies

The former radio host has reportedly been fired since the alleged incident occurred. Previous reports had him telling the singer how she destroyed his reputation.

Recent reports said that Mueller kept denying the pop star’s claims. He said, “Well, if it really happened, it was by accident.” He reportedly kept denying any behavior hurled against him.

“No, I did not [grab her backside],” the radio DJ added.

The plot thickens as the trial goes on between Swift and Mueller.