The FlashSeason 4 did not fail to give us what was promised -, a lighter and fun direction for the CW series. Several minor villains have appeared already but the show remained as is with its new set up.

It can be recalled that three villains are down: Hazard (Sugar Lyn Beard), Killgore (Dominic Burgess), and the Samuroid. Clifford DeVoe aka The Thinker was previously revealed as “The Flash” Season 4's main villain. One cannot deny that the upcoming season is up for a unique year after several installments with speedster villains like Zoom, Savitar, and Reverse Flash.

Of course, superheroes who collaborate with Flash are not far behind, as well as the series introducing Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man.

Episode 4

According to Movie Pilot, the series has unveiled a new promo for the fourth episode entitled, “Elongated Journey Into the Night.” This will give the viewers a glimpse of craziness in the upcoming episode 4. As the report pointed out, Harley Sawyer’s portrayal of Ralph Dibny will probably become one of the series highlights. The short clip described Dibny as a dirty cop and because of this, a list of people are after him.

Based on the promo as well, it seems that Team Flash are looking for him. Due to his undesirable record, it is not long until they find him.

However, Flash does not expect his arms to stretch halfway to STAR Labs and by the look on his face, it seems like the dirty cop is not aware of his powers. Comic fans will definitely be delighted to see another DC icon in the show. Aside from this, Dibny is known for his sense of humor, so fans should expect the series to be double the fun!

Danny Trejo as Breacher

Aside from the Elongated Man, Danny Trejo is also expected to debut as the bounty hunter, the Breacher. Dibny still isn’t well-versed on his abilities that is why we will see Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) help him during early moments of the episode. As for Breacher, we don’t know if he will bring harm or help to Central City.

Collider reported that Breacher is apparently Gypsy’s (Jessica Camacho) father. It can be recalled that Gypsy is currently in a relationship with one of the Team Flash members, Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) aka Vibe. Well, it turns out that Gypsy’s father does not like his daughter’s lover. He starts hunting Cisco and who knows what comes next? “The Flash” Season 4 episode is directed by none other than the show’s very own Tom Cavanagh, who was known for playing multiple roles in the series such as Harrison Wells and HR.