Hey, "Arrow" fans. We've got some wonderful news to tell you. If you haven't already heard, your favorite show got an early renewal for season 6 way back in January 2017, along with a host of other CW shows.

According to the folks over at TV Line, the big announcement went down at the "Television Critics Association" winter press tour. During this event, they also announced that the network's other shows would all be back to give us more entertainment including "The Flash," "Jane the Virgin," "Supernatural," "DC’s Legends of Tomorrow," "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," and "Supergirl"

Other renewal confirmations

Since then, we've gotten renewal confirmations for "The Originals" season 5, "The 100" season 5, "iZombie" season 4 and "Riverdale" season 2.

Sadly, one of my favorites, "The Vampire Diaries" ended their series so they're done for good. RIP "The Vampire Diaries."

The "Reign" series got cut so their current season 4 will be their last. It's about time. I'm surprised it went on as long as it did. I guess it had a lot of drama that people really got into. I just couldn't hang with it.

We heard words from the CW head honcho Mark Pedowitz during the event. He told the audience that these shows are proven performers and they got early renewals so the producers can go ahead and map out what they want to do for the next season.

This wonderful "Arrow" renewal news means fans have brand new spoiler teasers, cast interviews, promo pics, clips and all that good promotional stuff to look forward to in the future weeks.

You will definitely want to keep an eye out for that.

Katie Cassidy is back fulltime

We already have a little season 6 scoop to share with you guys. TV Line revealed that our precious Katie Cassidy, who was killed off the show as the Black Canary character, will be returning to full time status in season 6 as the Black Siren character.

Black Siren is Black Canary's evil doppelganger from an alternate reality on Earth-Two. She's made a few appearances this season as a recurring character.

The show's producer Marc Guggenheim made an official announcement in regards to her return. He said that they were so impressed by Katie's fearless interpretation of the Black Siren character that they had to bring her back to tell more of her story.

They're also very thrilled to welcome Katie back to the show as a permanent fixture.

Ratings were steady

Looking at the ratings numbers for Arrow's 5th season, it opened up with a 0.70 demographics rating for the 18-49 age groups and 1.8 million viewers. The demo ratings were down a negative 35 percent from the season 4 finale episode. It was down a negative 29 percent in viewership numbers from the season 4 finale.

In the last episode 22 that aired on May 22nd, 2017, it scored a 0.49 for the demo ratings and brought in 1.4 million viewers. So like many other shows, the numbers did drop over the course of the season. However, they managed to keep their ratings steady, something that gave them the green light for an early renewal. "Arrow" season 6 is expected to start up in the Fall 2017.