Anna Faris recently appeared on a podcast where she talked for the first time about leaving her husband Chris Pratt after eight years together. The celebrity took calls and gave advice to individuals who were experiencing relationship problems of their own. It appears that Faris wanted to find her own independence again and the only way to achieve this was to end her marriage.

Anna Faris gave one listener advice about not letting a man restrict their happiness

According to Entertainment Online, Anna Faris appeared on a podcast and spoke out about the ending of her relationship with Chris Pratt.

The celebrity was giving advice to callers who rang in with their problems and Faris told an individual not to let a person interfere with their own happiness.

She stated that people should never be afraid to find their independence if they ever find themselves in such a situation. Faris compared the situation to her own life and admitted that she made the mistake and has gained back her independence by ending her relationship with Chris Pratt.

Faris told the listener that life was too short to be in a relationship where one feels as if something is not quite right. She stated that everyone needs to know their own worth and recognize that within themselves. She went on to explain that if someone does not have their partner's back or do not value their partner then they need to re-evaluate their relationship.

A source close to the couple has stated that they are still living together

According to US Magazine, a source living close to the couple has admitted that they are still living together. Patti Stanger is a close friend of the couple and stated that their relationship was often a competition to be the best. At the beginning it was Faris who was the famous celebrity and now things have swung in Pratt's favor.

Stanger shared that when the couple was in a group they competed to be the one telling the funniest joke. It is clear that things have been strained between the couple for a while but Stanger shocked fans when she confirmed that Anna and Chris were still living together.

Patti Stanger claimed that she is not going to do anything to see the pair get back together.

She explained that she does not want to get in the middle of the mess and said that her role would quickly turn into that of a counselor. She explained that she has not said anything to either member of the couple as they are still living together, and she feels that that affects the amount she can say openly to them.

Chris Pratt was seen for the first time without his wedding ring at the Teen Choice Award and it appears as though Anna has moved on from their marriage as well.