danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali were perhaps the worst couple to ever be matched on reality television. The Reality TV star recently revealed that Mohamed very rarely fulfilled his "husbandly duties," which included having sex with her regularly. According to Danielle, she and Mohamed consummated their marriage, but only one time -- three months after the pair tied the knot. Many are wondering if Mohamed did this as a calculated move in order to ensure that she could not annul their marriage and force him to move back to Tunisia. However, in the end, he did eventually move back to his country of origin anyway.

Danielle sees this as proof of cheating

In a recent clip published by TLC, Danielle speaks to the couple's friend, who has been dubbed "Walmart Tom," as this is where the pair met him originally. According to Danielle, as newlyweds, she and Mohamed should have been having sex on the daily and having trouble keeping their hands off of each other. Instead, she had to practically beg him to join her in the bedroom, which she definitely didn't appreciate. As a healthy 27-year-old man, Danielle thinks that Mohamed must have been getting sex from somewhere else if he was not having sex with his wife. Mohamed did rather conveniently meet a woman living in Florida after he left Danielle, but it is unclear if their relationship blossomed before or after he and Danielle decided to part ways.

Too much information?

Many fans have criticized Danielle for sharing way too much information on her sex life in an effort to vilify her ex, Mohamed. Even Walmart Tom, who is attempting to take a neutral stance in the matter in the clip is annoyed with the fact that she keeps bringing up their sex life, which he feels is none of his business.

According to Walmart Tom, the lack of a sex life in a marriage doesn't necessarily mean the husband is cheating, as many people who are married have lackluster sex lives. However, to Danielle, this is more than proof, and she continues to pester Walmart Tom about it to make him see her side against Mohamed. In the end, Walmart Tom makes it clear he doesn't need to be convinced about Mohamed with the dirty details of their marriage.

Instead, Danielle needs to focus on other things in her life, like her daughters who were also taken advantage of. Danielle always wanted Mohamed deported back to Tunisia, and while no official forced him to, she did get her way in the end.