Kim Kardashian has been receiving major backlash for her choice to stand up for celebrity Jefree Star after he made a racist comment. Fans took to social media to attack the Kardashian, stating that she should not be telling the public to simply get over racism. Kim has since realized her mistake and made a public apology, stating that she was naive and never intended to hurt anyone.

Kardashian came to Jeffree Star's defense after he made a racist comment

According to US Magazine, Kim Kardashian came to the defense of Jeffree Star when he made a racist remark and has received major backlash for her decision to speak up.

Kim took to snapchat and released a series of videos in which she addressed the attack on Star from the public.

She expressed her disappointment that the public were bringing up mistakes from Jeffree Star's past and has stated that he has apologized for making those mistakes. The 36-year-old mother went on to say that she realizes how serious it is for someone to be making racist remarks and explained that she is in no way a racist for defending Star.

In a report by Refinery 29, Kardashian stated that she believes that people can change and spoke about the changes that she has been through. She stated that she knows firsthand how horrible it is for people to be bringing up mistakes that she has made in her past and has scolded the public for their choice to drag Jeffree through his past mistakes.

Kim also went on to explain that if someone has tried to change, she would like to think that they should be given the benefit of the doubt and has explained that she has prayed to God that these kinds of people do change. Despite the fact that Kim has apologized for defending Jeffree the public have still come after her, stating that she should not accept his apology on behalf of the world.

Kim has since come forward with a sincere apology for her involvement

According to People Magazine, Kim Kardashian has since come forward and made a public apology for her choice to defend Jeffree Star. The Kardashian has stated that she wanted to apologize for defending a situation that she was personally not that informed about and has expressed that she does not feel like she has the right to speak on the situation.

It is clear that Kim feels bad, and explained that she has always been a person who tries to be positive and did not intend to hurt anyone's feelings. The star has retracted her statements and it appears that the public have backed off for the time being.

Kim Kardashian is friends with Jeffree Star and clearly knows a side to the celebrity that the public do not. Fans believe that this is what spurred her to stand up for Star in the first place.