Many people were devastated about the recent Chris Pratt and Anna Faris spilt - with some netizens saying that love does not exist anymore. The couple was the perfect blend of funny, adorable, and loving. That's just one of the many reasons why their separation seemed to be very unbelievable for their fans.

Reports have said that the couple still have love for each other and they will do the best they can for their child. Several outlets have also tried to dissect what went wrong with their marriage.

What happened in Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' marriage?

According to ET, there are three main factors that caused issues in Pratt and Faris' relationship:

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris and had too much time away from each other - Pratt was in Georgia back in 2015 to shoot for "Passengers" and continued to work on "The Magnificent Seven" after that. While Pratt was busy working, Faris stayed with their 4-year-old son, Jack, back home in LA. Pratt confirmed in a December 2016 interview with Sway Calloway that the couple were apart for some time in a December 2016.

Chris Pratt's quick rise to fame - The couple first met each other in 2007 for a "Take Me Home Tonight" reading - in which Faris was a popular actress.

In 2014, the tables turned when Pratt starred in "Guardians of the Galaxy," followed by "Jurassic World" and "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" which instantly made him more of a household name in show business.

Anna Farris' reported feelings of insecurity - Faris never hid that she has issues about confidence. This was said to be another factor that contributed to their split.

She even mentioned that she was even scared to go out without makeup on. Nevertheless, she did not want to force a lifestyle change on herself, as her husband made her feel very beautiful.

Another red flag was the speculation that Pratt might have had something going with his "Passengers" co-star, Jennifer Lawrence. Faris addressed this issue, saying that she briefly considered that there was some truth to the rumor.

Upcoming book from Anna Faris will be dedicated to Chris Pratt

Meanwhile, according to Entertainment Weekly, Anna Faris will be coming out with a Book - an ode to her ex-husband Chris Pratt, that will also look into what they learned when they were still together.

The book was previously available in a partial "gallery" form that shared of the couple's spontaneous marriage in Bali, the birth of their son, as well as how they made it through the challenges of dealing with Hollywood gossip. The foreword was written by Pratt, who described his wife as "fierce and very loyal."

"Unqualified" is set for an October 24 release and will contain the duo's experience as a married couple. These will include how little things should now matter so much, setting plans for the future, dealing with obstacles, how their son's birth made them closer, and how their marriage has this certain spontaneous spark.

Sunday's (August 6) announcement made by Chris Pratt still have many of their supporters in shock. Stay tuned for more details on the Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split.