Chris Pratt and Anna Faris stunned the internet when they announced that they are legally separating after eight years of marriage. Their fans were particularly heartbroken that the couple, who have made them believe in love again, are calling it quits all of a sudden.

'Take Me Home Tonight' couple announce separation

On Sunday, the "Jurassic World" actor was the first to deliver the unfortunate news in a joint statement he shared on his Facebook page. It said that both parties "tried hard for a long time" and that the couple are "really disappointed" that their relationship had to end.

The two also asked the public to respect their decision in keeping the situation private as they move forward with love and respect for each other. Anna Faris also took to Instagram to share the same statement, except that she omitted the last line of the Chris Pratt's post.

Nothing much has been said about the separation, but several media outlets have cited a few possible reasons which may have led to the split of this wonderful couple. Although all of these will remain unconfirmed until both parties will speak up about their decision to call it quits, their hectic schedule was listed as the top potential reason for their sudden separation.

In fact, the past couple of years have been packed for Chris Pratt, who had been working on one movie after another since 2015.

He even had to spend several months in Georgia to film his movie, "Passengers," with Jennifer Lawrence, while Anna Faris was left at their home in Los Angeles with their son, Jack.

Faris gets candid about her relationship with Pratt

In one of her "Anna Faris Unqualified" podcasts, the "Scary Movie" alum admitted that she could not help feeling vulnerable whenever her husband is somewhere else to film his movies and she is left at home with their child.

This was supported by Chris Pratt, who admitted that he has not been spending much time with his then-wife due to his filming schedule.

The "Take Me Home Tonight" couple were even mired in several rumors in the wake of Chris Pratt's promotional tours for his movie with Jennifer Lawrence. Anna Faris even recalled how these rumors have bothered her and made her feel insecure.

The couple, however, have denied that they were having issues in their marriage due to these tabloid gossips. In fact, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris continued to display their affection during their public appearances together. At some point, the "Lost in Translation" actress even gushed about her husband's romantic gestures and how "lucky" she was for having Chris Pratt beside her.