lena dunham and Colton Haynes have been confirmed for the seventh season of "American Horror Story" and fans are less than impressed. Fans have been posting their concerns to social media including old headlines about the two actors. Fans of the show are threatening to boycott the seventh series if Dunham and Haynes are not removed from casting.

Fans have reacted strongly to casting choice

According to Clevver News, long-time fans of the horror series "American Horror Story" are refusing to watch the seventh season of the show. They made this decision based on the shows decision to cast actors Colton Haynes and Lena Dunham in the series and had taken to social media to explain their decision.

Fans have been posting their concerns about the actor's involvement in "American Horror Story" across Twitter. One fan, in particular, posted a picture of the two actors accusing Colton Haynes of blackface and Lena Dunham of being a sexual predator.

The fans of the show are concerned about the pasts of these actors and are claiming they will boycott the series if creators do not change their minds. This certainly puts the creators of "American Horror Story" in an exceptionally tricky situation. It is unclear as to whether or not the show will consider the public's concerns.

Old headlines still haunt the actors

According to Teen Vogue, fans are taking old headlines about the actors and blasting them across the internet in a bid to get them removed from "American Horror Story." While some fans may believe the tabloid headlines from the past few years, they have been proven to be rumors.

In the case of Lena Dunham, the celebrity was accused of being a sexual predator and of abusing her sister when the pair were children. This rumor came from Dunham's book where she admitted that when she was younger, she was curious about her sister's private parts. However, since then both Lena and her sister Grace have come forward with claims that headlines were false and painted the star in a terrible light.

As for Colton Haynes, the star did, in fact, cause a lot of controversy during Halloween of 2013 where he decided to paint his entire body black to dress up as Kanye West. The celebrity was accused of blackface and has since apologized for his actions profusely.

There has been no comment from either Haynes or Dunham about the situation.

Their position with the show "American Horror Story" currently remains unclear. Show runners will have to make a statement in the upcoming weeks about their choice of casting if they want to keep a large portion of the show's fans.