Rumors surrounding jessica chastain's role in the upcoming X-Men movie "X-Men: dark phoenix" have finally been confirmed by Chastain herself. The star took to social media to tease fans about her upcoming role. Chastain has not revealed which character she will be taking on, however; there is high speculation that she will be playing the villainous Shi'ar Empress Lilandra.

The star has confirmed her role

According to Comic Book Movie, Jessica Chastain has finally confirmed her involvement in the fourth X-Men movie "X-men: Dark Phoenix." Rumors surfaced a few months ago about the actor's potential involvement in the film, and she recently confirmed this through an Instagram post.

Chastain's exact role has not been confirmed, but she has stated that she will be taking on a villainous role in the next movie in the franchise. Fans are convinced that the red haired beauty will be playing Shi'ar Empress Lilandra who appears in the comic books. Other fans have speculated that she will be playing a grown up version of Jean Grey. However, this seems unlikely has the role of Jean has been filled by Sophie Turner.

The Shi'ar Empress Lilandra is a well-known villain from the comic book series of the X-Men. The character is the ruler of an alien empire and has been sent to Earth to imprison the dangerous "Dark Phoenix." Fans are beyond excited with the addition of the villain to the movie, as Lilandra is sure to cause some conflict with the X-Men.

'Dark Phoenix' to balance a lot of action

According to SR, "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" will pick up exactly where the last X-Men movie ended. This is exciting news for fans as they get to see the consequences of the previous movie played out with more detail in "Dark Phoenix." It has been confirmed that "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" will be balancing a lot of action and characters leading to an intricate plot.

The movie's focus is clearly to be in the character of Jean Grey, played by Sophie Turner, and her inability to control her dangerous powers. This story line is an extremely popular one, and fans are looking forward to seeing a new perspective on Jean Grey's alternate self the "Dark Phoenix."

Casting for the movie includes the likes of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Sophie Turner and Jennifer Lawrence.

Most of these actors have been involved in the franchise since the beginning of the reboot, and it will be interesting to see their stories further developed upon.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix" will be released in theaters worldwide on November 2, 2018. Fans of the franchise will have to wait until the New Year rolls around before they can watch Chastain in her new role.