The 'Flip or Flop' stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa were reported to have gone their separate ways several months ago when they confirmed their separation. Amid their split, Tarek has immediately filed a divorce petition to the Orange County Superior Court in January.

Meanwhile, eight months after Tarek filed his, Christina has responded to the petition as she also filed for her own. Apart from the divorce case, the actress was also reported asking for a joint and legal custody of their children. According to Entertainment Tonight, Christina has asked her estranged husband a kind of spousal support and has asked Tarek to pay for his attorney fees.

Christina wants to move forward

It has been reported by Entertainment Tonight that Christina has dated her separation from Tarek on May 23, 2016. Further, as she filed for the petition, she has also asked the court to identify the total properties, assets, as well as debts which both of them have shared during their married life. Further, a source close to Christina has also told reporters that the reality star is already looking forward to finally move on into the next chapter of her life.

Meanwhile, as Tarek filed his petition back in January, he has also asked the court that Christina will be ordered to pay him a spousal support. Further, he was also asking for a joint custody over their children.

However, as months passed by, Tarek has revealed that they will do everything about their divorce jointly.

Terminating Tarek's spousal support

As Christina responded to her former husband's divorce petition, the reality star has also asked the court to terminate Tarek's previous request for spousal support. She has also added that Tarek should be deemed responsible for all the legal costs that she will incur as part of the proceedings of the divorce petition.

Meanwhile, amid the escalating court battle, the former couple was still reported to continue to star on the hit HGTV series.

Further, Christina was also believed to have found a new romance with a man named, Doug.

Hence, it seemed that both wanted to move on from their ill-fated relationship and to start anew. According to People, Christina and Doug were both seen spending most of their time together.

Both of their kids were seemed to be only a few years apart. A source has also told People that the new couple has already shared several activities with their children recently. Amid their ongoing divorce petition, Tarek has also shared that he and Christina will always share special holidays together for the sake of their children.