While talks about the new season of “Alaskan Bush People” became widespread, a new report says Noah, the fifth and youngest son of the Brown family, is taking some time off from the show to focus on his fiancé Rhain. Sounds legit but could this be true?

The family returns to Colorado but…

In my previous article – Ami’s cancer battle to be featured in “ABP” Season 8, Intel says – I talked about the potential focus of “Alaskan Bush People” in it returns for another season. And while fans are hooked on the idea of a new season, there’s a new rumor claiming that Noah has decided to leave the show to concentrate on his engagement to Rhain.

It is no longer a surprise to learn that Noah decided to make such move. Back in February, Noah revealed the risks he is willing to take just to be with Rhain. He was even willing to leave Browntown when Rhain had to leave for Oregon.

According to Alaskan Bush people Exposed, a Facebook page solely dedicated to “ABP” updates, the show’s return may not include Noah and his partner. It posted a fan picture of the couple in San Diego Zoo while the rest of the family was reportedly spotted filming in Colorado.

Prior to this report, the source initially hinted that the Browns headed back to Colorado after their Vegas trip to film for another season of “ABP.”

Reel and Real relationship

Noah and Rhain have been through a lot in their relationship.

And now, it is safe to say that they have grown mature and more considerate towards one another. The couple has braved dozens of rumors about the status of their relationship. For example, the show's official Twitter page tweeted this Easter Egg below hinting that Noah made a wedding proposal to Rhain.

Some people cannot stand the loving couple’s relationship.

At one point, due to Noah’s certain level of popularity, they even accused Rhain of being a 'fame whore' for using Noah to get the public's attention. But not all people are like them.

Most of “Alaskan Bush People” fans are very happy for the couple. When the news broke out that Noah and Rhain tied the knot in Dolores, Colorado, more people sent well wishes and support for the couple.

Meanwhile, the marriage was never confirmed prompting several other fake reports.

So you can imagine that the reason why they are reportedly leaving “ABP” is mainly to focus on their relationship. Whether they are pursuing their relationship into married life or they prefer to share the best moments together away from the prying public eyes, they are still showing maturity.