Sad news broke out about “Alaskan Bush People’s star Ami leaving most of us in tears. Sadly, the mother-of-seven, whose previous lung cancer diagnosis was recorded as Stage 3B, has now entered the most critical part of her cancer battle – Stage 4.

Last week brought us nothing but sad news about the Browns. However, it is still best for the rest of the family to remain hopeful and for a miracle to happen. According to the “Alaskan Bush People” fans, details of these reports might be shown when “ABP” returns for Season 8.

‘ABP’ Season 8 rumors

According to Alaskan Bush people Exposed, a Facebook page solely dedicated to “ABP” updates, the show might return once again for another season.

The page initially hinted that the show could the prepping for a new Browntown somewhere in Colorado.

Prior to this, the same page revealed several outings of Ami and Bill in the Centennial State weeks after the Brown matriarch was diagnosed with cancer. I previously reported a rumor mill where fans talked about the reason why Ami made several appearances in Colorado where she secretly had Cannabis-infused treatment.

Back with Season 8 reports, the page is currently reporting that right after Ami finished radiation and chemotherapy treatments, the family headed once again back to Colorado to start filming for the next season.

Note that none of this has been confirmed by Discovery Channel but, most of the page's previous revelations came true. Furthermore, this is quite sad news for “ABP” fans who will have to wait for another season until these issues and rumors are addressed.

Ami’s cancer progressed to Stage 4

The “Alaskan Bush People” matriarch lost a lot of weight in her recent pictures.

Having cancer that progressed to its worst form is heartbreaking. Much worse news about this recovery status was the doctors’ verdicts that it has grown inoperable and this has left a lot of us in tears, as we feel helpless and devastated.

For now, the tumors are not the main focus of treatment. Apparently, the treatment is focused on easing the symptoms and improving the quality of life of the patient rather than in removing the cancer.

Sad news for the 54-year-old mom, the survival rate for Stage 4 cancer is less than 10 percent according to the Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA), Heavy reported.

And while the entire “ABP” community rallies behind the Browns, our collective prayers can still move mountains and grant Ami a miracle. “Alaskan Bush People” Season 7 returns this Wednesday at 9:00 PM Eastern time on the Discovery Channel.