International pop singer Ariana Grande posted a status on her Twitter account, a few days after a controversial concert in South Korea where she was accused of having “attitude problems” on stage. Her promoter also released a statement about the allegations on Facebook.

NME reported that the singer wrote a statement on her official social media account, noting how she values shows like the one she just had in Seoul, South Korea. Last Tuesday, Grande graced the Gocheok Sky Dome at the South Korean capital but was criticized for being late and doing voice rehearsals at the last hour.

Since then, Grande has turned to her Twitter to speak to the fans after the concert. She wrote that she cherishes her shows and these moments are “very special times” with her fans. The singer added that she always enjoys each moment and that she is thankful for her audiences all the time.

The issue

Korea Times reported that the international artist enraged fans after posting an Instagram video that showed her doing vocal warm-ups just an hour before her show. The video showed her doing the preparations inside a bathroom near the airport.

Furthermore, Grande also reportedly arrived in the country a day late from the scheduled date prior to her show. The rehearsals and the meet-and-greet event with the fans were canceled.

Korea Times added that the concert was a sold-out event and VIP tickets that supposed to earn a meet-and-greet cost around $579.

The concert reportedly began 10 minutes late and had the singer leaving the stage without an encore number. The local news website said she flew to Taiwan shortly after her show and stayed in Korea for just seven hours.

Grande arrived late because she was allegedly avoiding the media in the area.

Promoter issues statement

NME also revealed that the concert promoter has also released their own statement, regarding the criticisms that her actions brought about.

Promoter Hyundai Card wrote on Facebook that her actions have “left the impression as if the concert itself was mechanical.”

The company’s CEO added in the local language that it would have been better if the singer just showed sincerity just as she showed in her concert at Manchester. The Hyundai Card CEO also wrote on Facebook that it would be better if the pop artist just canceled her tour to Seoul.

The “Focus” singer is currently doing her “Honeymoon Tour” for her second studio album. She is scheduled to perform in Tokyo, Manila, Jakarta and Las Vegas in the next coming days.