There's a new rumor dragging the name of "Alaskan Bush People" mother Ami Brown in the legal Marijuana tension happening at the moment. The word has been out speculating that the reality star was seen several times in Colorado to get Cannabis treatment due to severe pains caused by her cancer.

The 54-year old "Alaskan Bush People" star was diagnosed with Stage 3B Lung Cancer. Her doctors in UCLA Hospital gave her several treatment options to stop the growth and spread of cancerous cells in her body. However, some gossip monger fans are starting a rumor mill accusing Ami of shying away from these medical options and seek marijuana infused treatment instead.

Rumor mill

Last August 6, "Alaskan Bush People" verified Facebook page posted a photo of the rural Alaska. It was meant to tease what’s in store for the show’s upcoming episode after two weeks of absence in its regular Wednesday prime time slot. The post’s caption said, “With Ami's diagnosis, the Browns are out of Alaska. But where to next?”

"Alaskan Bush People" fans started giving away their guesses and well-wishes for Ami and her family. Meanwhile, some eagle-eyed followers are quick to notice a very interesting comment. The comment says, “They're in Colorado where she can use the Cannabis for pain.” Other people jumped right on the thread and started agreeing to the proposition.

Although this was never confirmed nor denied by anyone related to the show, it actually made sense.

You can see a screen grab of their conversation below.

But, why would they rather travel far to Colorado when marijuana is also legal in Alaska and California where they had Ami’s diagnosis. The answer is rather simple, the family and the show's production team might be taking precautions to avoid bad publicity associated with cannabis treatment.

Current national marijuana tension

Just last week, Senator Cory Booker introduced the Marijuana Justice Act aiming to legalize marijuana across the United States of America and penalize local communities that deny and sidestep the implementation of this drug.

According to USA Today, the move sparked outrage from other factions who believe marijuana is a dangerous drug that could birth to generational consequences.

Being involved directly or indirectly in marijuana use at the moment could incite backlash from people who are against it. Thus, the "Alaskan Bush People" mom’s rumored involvement with cannabis treatment was taken away from the public eye.

After two-week hiatus, "Alaskan Bush People" Season 7 returns with the Bush Code episode tonight, August 9, at 9:00 PM Eastern on the Discovery Channel.