"Alaskan Bush People" news has not been care-free and happy the last few months. The news of Ami's cancer changed everything for the family. Many changes happened very fast and it has taken a toll on the tight-knit family known as the Wolfpack.

Ami Brown received her treatment at UCLA with most of her family by her side. Noah and Matt each took a turn at packing up Browntown for the move to the lower 48, knowing they were saying goodbye to the bush of Alaska for good. They let it all go - the cabin, the belongings, even The Integrity and the cow.

The Brown kids take to social media

As news has been hard to come by, the Brown family children became very active on social media. Bam Bam, who had previously left the show to pursue a relationship, posted some great pictures of Ami with his girlfriend Alli, a former producer of "The Alaskan Bush People."

Gabe became super active on Instagram for a while. He is a fan-favorite and thought of as a caring hottie. A lot of shirtless pictures began showing up and then one day there was a post that his heart had been broken. He said that he was thinking of leaving social media. That post has since been deleted, and the number of pics being posted has decreased greatly. Whatever happened, he must be having a hard time to adjusting to his new home.

Gabe has said that he will not be a part of a season 8 and has stopped appearing in season 7.

Noah is another one on the line. Every "Alaskan Bush People" report has included information on both him and his fiance' Rhain. Fans remember that Noah had wanted to move her to Browntown, but his parents were against it. They have since asked the show to air their wedding but there is no news leaking out that it will happen.

It seems instead, Noah is withdrawing from the family. He has not said that he will be leaving, but he isn't as present as he used to be, even with Ami so ill and likely in her last days.

Building a new Browntown too much right now?

With Ami Brown so incredibly sick with late stage lung cancer, the family is starting over in Colorado.

Bam Bam and Gabe won't be there to help this happen. Both are officially no longer part of the cast of "The Alaskan Bush People." Matt, the eldest son, has always been one to come and go. Reports have had him both in LA and Colorado, so he should be there to help his family. Bear will be there as well. The one in question is Noah. He hasn't let fans know what is going on with him other than he is happy with his fiance'.

The Wolfpack will need all hands on deck as they construct a new Browntown. There will be care for Ami to consider as the rest of the family builds their house and sets up a homestead.

Do you think they will have a season 8? Do you think "The Alaskan Bush People" will reunite the family for this challenge? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.