Discovery Channel took notice when fans began to reach out to the "Alaskan Bush People" on social media. With the health crisis of family matriarch Ami Brown, so many have wanted to send supportive messages to the family. Discovery Channel made an announcement on Twitter that a page on their website has been set up for just that purpose.

A seven-year relationship

The popular reality show "Alaskan Bush People" is in its seventh and final season. For the past six years, viewers have been watching the antics of the family living in the bush of Alaska.Tuning in each week has become like inviting a friend into your home.

You can't watch a show for six years and not become attached to the cast. In this case, it was an entire family working together for a dream. Viewers have watched the struggles and the successes, the challenges they faced together, and the immense bond the family shares.

There has been a lot of controversy over the years on the authenticity of "Alaskan Bush People." It has not hurt the popularity of the show, however. The fans of the Wolfpack are loyal and have continued to support the Brown Family on their hit reality show.

Fans want to show support for the family

When word began to leak out that Ami Brown was facing a health crisis, fans took to social media. They voiced concern and sought any new information they could find. Eventually, the rumors were substantiated, and the worst was confirmed.

Ami Brown has late stage lung cancer. Now fans are seeing the story unfold on Season 7 of "Alaskan Bush People."

As has previously been reported, the family is packing up Browntown and relocating to the lower 48. The latest word is the Brown family is in Dolores, Colorado where they plan to stay as Ami continues with the medical treatment that was started in Los Angeles.

Discovery Channel created the show "Alaskan Bush People" and continues to support the Brown family. Even though the show is ending, fans remain loyal to the Browns. They have set up a page on their website where fans can go to send a message to the Wolfpack. A personal sentiment can be typed in, or a picture can be uploaded. Discovery Channel said they would print them off and give them to the family.

Some fans may even receive a response on the "Alaskan Bush People" Facebook page.

Fans of "Alaskan Bush People" have made it clear that they won't stop caring about the Brown family just because they won't be on television after this season. The well-being of each of the Browns is important to viewers that have supported the show for so long.

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