On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Reed and Mattie may have found two people who will be in their corner, his mother and her grandfather. Neil and Victoria just concluded a business deal, and it may have an impact on the teenagers in love.

It's a family affair in business and pleasure for Reed and Mattie

Neil agreed to give Victoria the loan she needed to keep "Brash and Sassy" afloat. As they were finalizing the deal, Mattie came in. She and Vicky seem to like each other, and her grandpa has no problems with Reed. Lily only wants the teens to take it slow, but Cane is a completely different story.

He has made his position absolutely clear. He does not want his daughter anywhere near Vicky's son.

The deal between Victoria and Neil will mean that Lily keeps her job, therefore she will be loyal to "Brash and Sassy," as well as Vicky and Billy. This new family connection with Neil and Victoria may cause them to be the saving grace for the teens and their budding relationship. This makes Cane the odd man out, and the only one truly in opposition to Mattie and Reed dating each other.

The future looks optimistic for the families involved and the teenagers who are falling in love

Mattie's mom is employed by Reed's mother and stepfather, whose business is being kept afloat by money from Matie's uncle and grandfather.

It looks like this would be a win-win, but Cane will be a problem. No father wants to walk in and see his teenage daughter making out with any boy. Cane's daughter is falling for the son of the woman who fired him. On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," the teens were talking at the athletic club pool, and when Mattie saw her father, she asked Reed to quickly leave.

Cane came over and they actually had a good father-daughter talk. He told Mattie that he loved her and apologized for being so harsh when he found her alone with Reed. He explained that when Victoria's son first came to town he was troubled teen and gave his mom some trouble. Mattie replied by asking if what Reed did could be any worse than Cane's deeds that tore his family apart?

At least Cane was able to let his child know his feelings and his reasoning in a manner that she could understand. If he ever comes around regarding Reed and Mattie dating it will be a long long time. Cane is out of work and sold his vehicle to replace the blackmail money he gave Jesse. He is not yet taking responsibility for the fact that he set all of this in motion, and is still trying to bring "Brash and Sassy" down. Even so, the new relationship between Lily, Neil, and Victoria may work in favor of the teens.