Fans have waited for news of Ami Brown's health, but those updates are few and far between. Now the news comes out that the mother of seven is now in stage 4 with her lung cancer diagnosis. Let's take a look at what that means for Ami and her family.

Facebook offers "Alaskan Bush People" many options for meeting up with others to discuss the family and the show. One group, 'Alaskan Bush People Exposed,' has posted an update on Ami Brown's health. The radiation and chemotherapy have not been successful. Her cancer has spread to stage 4 and is inoperable.

What does stage 4 mean

The treatment for patients with stage 4 revolves mainly around comfort and quality of life. Recent reports said that Ami Brown is wheelchair bound at this point as well. The pain got to be too much, and she told her husband she couldn't take it anymore.

According to Cancer Treatment Center of America, the mortality rate is only 10% at five years. The treatment they mention would include immunotherapies along with chemotherapy. There is no word at this time on what course of treatment the doctors and "Alaskan Bush People" star will be proceeding with.

There has been a lot of talks lately about the health of Billy Brown as well. He has apparently lost weight and appears to look tired.

This is no surprise with what his wife is going through. As rough as Billy is around the edges at times, no one can accuse the "Alaskan Bush People" father and husband of not being a family man. He is standing by his wife as she faces this battle.

Fans want more information!

The show is currently in its seventh, and possibly final, season.

When a show airs, it is estimated to have been filmed about eight weeks ago. This means that all of the information aired on "Alaskan Bush People" is behind what is now happening with the family. The Brown family and Discovery channel have not kept fans up to date on how Ami Brown is doing.

While fans have spent years supporting the family by tuning in each week, they feel a kinship to the family.

The initial diagnosis was devastating to some viewers. Since then, fans have worried about Ami Brown and the rest of the household. They have mourned the end of Browntown. Now they are watching it all unfold on their TV screens each week.

With all of the Browns discovering social media, fans of "Alaskan Bush People" are waiting for a real-time update from a member of the Wolfpack. Do you think it will come? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.