More "Teen Mom" drama is coming to the reality series marriage boot camp! It is official Kailyn Lowery, and Javi Marroquin will be airing more of their dirty laundry when the series returns this October. Fans can expect to see some major drama on this season Marriage Boot Camo between Kailyn and Javi.

Javi Marroquin reveals he wanted to try to save their marriage

The two have been at it pretty much non-stop since they ended their marriage. Javi claims that when the two joined MBC, he was all about listening to the pro's and attempting to make his marriage work.

The couple share a three-year-old son Lincoln together and have been embarked in an off-and on battle for quite sometime now.

Teen Mom, Marriage Boot Camp a deadly combo

"Teen Mom" fans, however, are well aware that despite the camp therapy these two did not work out their differences. Last season "TMOG" fans watched as Amber Portwood and Matt Baier's relationship imploded before their very eyes.

So it is a safe assumption that Marriage BootCamp and Teen Mom cast members do not fare well. Both women have moved on from their past relationships. Portwood recently revealed she has a new man in her life, Andrew Glennon, 33, whom she actually met and fell for while she and former fiance Matt were attempting to save their troubled relationship.

Glennon worked on the production of Marriage Boot Camp and spent a lot of time getting to know all about Amber and Matt's issues during the confessional segments. Hopefully, Andrew is a completely different person that Matt was and is not just using taking advantage of Amber during a time when she was vulnerable and emotional.

As for Kailyn Lowery, she, as previously reported, just welcomed her third child, a boy, whom she shares with Chris Lopez. The mother of three certainly has her hands full these days and is reportedly staying focused on her children at this time. But, Teen Mom fans know that it will not be too long before Kail is back on her feet and looking for that next true love, that is if she hasn't already found him.

Javi has also since started a new relationship with Lauren Comeau. Evan though Javi and Kail could not save their marriage the former couple is stated to at present getting along pretty well, as well as can be expected anyway considering their history together.

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