Tamra Judge has opened up about her parental alienation case "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and it has been an emotional time for this reality star. She had hinted that the show was tough on her relationship with her daughter Sidney, who chose to side with her father when they got divorced. Tamra is convinced that her ex-husband, Simon Barney, has been feeding her daughter Sidney stories about Judge, which has resulted in her not being interested in having a relationship with her mother.

For a brief moment in time, it seems like they could make it work and Judge was extremely excited about the possibilities of her being with her daughter again.

But it sounds like her dreams have been shattered, as her daughter Sidney wrote a lengthy Facebook post about her mother. The judge has now reacted to that Facebook post, revealing daughter seems only to want things from her mother when they are financially or emotionally rewarding to her.

Sidney shares her side of the story

In the Facebook post, Sidney Barney points out that she feels that her mother is constantly putting her bank account and her personal life before her children. In the post, Sidney reveals that she felt neglected by her mother, often being left in the house with no food, and she points out that she actually chose Tamra in the divorce from Simon.

She also explains that her father has been pushing her to start a relationship with her mother, even though this is something that she had absolutely no interest in doing.

Sidney also explains that she feels it is her mother who has completely alienated her children, not Simon - and that fans of the show should not believe everything that Tamra says on the show.

Her reaction doesn’t help the situation

When she learned about this Facebook post, Tamra decided to lash out saying that Sidney was simply lying about everything she was saying and that she had been nothing but nice to her throughout their relationship.

Tamra is convinced she was the one who was alienated by Simon and Sidney, even though her story doesn’t match up to what her daughter is saying.

This could possibly split the viewers of “The Real Housewives of Orange County." Now that Sidney has spoken out about her side of the story, it will be interesting to see who fans believe and whether Andy Cohen will address Sidney's Facebook post at the upcoming reunion special for the show.

What do you think about Sidney’s decision to speak out on Facebook? Are you surprised that she lashing out the way she is, saying that she only feels good enough when Sidney wants something in relation to money?