Alaskan Bush People” fans are already missing the Brown family since “Shark Week” kicked off last week on Discovery Channel. And to ease your “ABP” withdrawals, this article will be serving you some spoilers and inside stories on what happened with the Browns last week.

I previously reported on my “ABP” article – "Ami’s doctors are compelled to put her on a feeding tube" – about the treatment options Ami received to recuperate from her worsening 3B lung cancer. And now we have received an unendorsed update on that.

The Brown matriarch shows signs of good recovery

Ami’s recent photo posted on Facebook by a page called Matthew "Matt" Jeremiah Brown shows the star happily smiling at the camera. She was joined by her beloved husband, Billy, and two other lucky fans. Fans are quick to notice that Ami’s looking way better despite her condition.

The “Alaskan Bush People” mom was nicely seated in the middle. Her face remained radiant-looking, but she still opted for her tight-lipped smile. However, by looking closely at her posture, it is noticeable that she’s doing well with the medication. There are reports suggesting that her treatment started already, but we don’t have details of this news yet.

The said post mentioned that this photo opportunity was taken in California last Thursday night, July 20.

This somehow confirms that Ami is being treated at UCLA Medical Center. Her initial diagnosis was also taken at the same hospital.

What really happened during Matt's freak accident?

Meanwhile, the show’s troublemaker, Matt Brown, once again popped up on the scene. “Alaskan Bush People’s" latest episode highlighted what went on during his Freak Accident where the production crew was forced to raise a red flag on their shootings.

It was previously reported that Matt wasn’t alone during the explosion.

The person referred to as the "other person" involved is Kenny from Hoonah Town. "ABP" showrunners had neither confirmed nor denied this report.

Two months after the fated incident happened, People reported that the 34-year-old Matt was alone and no other person was involved.

He was found alone bleeding from the head at their Alaskan Bush homestead while the rest of his family is in Southern California to be with Ami. The entire Discovery Channel and "ABP" crew had to evacuate him out of the rural Alaska.

On the other hand, the next episode of the “Alaskan Bush People” returns on Wednesday, August 9 at 9 PM on the Discovery Channel.