We know for a fact that any brother would do anything to make sure his baby sister is in good hands. However, using the same intention to discredit or malign new people in his sister’s life is rather a crooked motive. This is how the majority of the “Alaskan Bush People fans see Les Branson, the infamous maternal brother of Ami Brown.

In the recent weeks, Branson was reportedly joining various Facebook groups, forums, and pages dedicated for “Alaskan Bush People.” Some “ABP” supporters understand his intention. They even pray that Ami opens up her heart again to her brother and aging mother Earlene Branson.

No room for Billy in Les’ heart

Les clearly wants to reconcile with Ami but has no cool in the idea of burying the hatchet with her husband Billy Brown. Ami and Bill have been married for 38 years now. According to previous reports, the tension between Les and Bill have started when the couple decided to leave Texas right after their marriage.

Les explained in one of his posts that they tried to reach out to the “Alaskan Bush People” matriarch through letters but Bill would intervene and take hold of their letters. Worse, Ami’s separation from the family at a young age of 16 caused them sleepless nights and a feeling of loss. Now, their 84-year old mother is now struggling to remember things.

Memaw, his term of endearment for his beloved mom, is desperate to see Ami before it’s too late. But her current condition prevents her to travel and meet her long-separated daughter. That’s why he decided to appeal to “ABP” Facebook Groups and pages so people who have close contact with the Browns could mention their situation to Ami.

But in his appeals and posts, he couldn’t seem to set aside his disgust towards Bill. “Alaskan Bush People” fans didn’t see this appropriate. Rather than getting help, he ended up getting kicked out.

Why Les can’t be brothers with Billy?

Earlier this year, Branson appeared with her mother in an interview with Radar Online. During the said interview, he expressed his anger towards Billy and his grave intentions to kill his brother-in-law.

He even referred to him as scumbag several times.

His motive and ill-fated relationship with Billy traces back since time immemorial. He firmly believes that Billy intervenes every time he and his mother are making effort to reconnect with Ami. More so, he accuses Billy of ripping their family apart and demonizing them to the Brown children.

Meanwhile, after a two-week shark week special, Discovery Channel is bringing back “Alaskan Bush People” August 9 at 9:00 PM Eastern time. The episode is entitled “Bush Code” which might potentially feature fresh new scenes that happened during their time off the air.