As a DB fan, you would know that pink and Frieza don't suit together. The Emperor of the Universe is busy trying to conquer the world and scheming how to beat Goku's rainbow-colored hair. He has no time playing with kids and progressing his fandom to reach more audiences. But he knows that he needs followers to be able to conquer worlds so that he will compromise. So here comes Frieza's own set of candies, marshmallows, and towels for kids.

Frieza's own towel set and mobile power bank

This kit is from Comic Natalie, an online store for Anime merchandise in Japan.

The kit includes three sets of towels with Frieza's face imprinted on them: one angry Frieza, one Frieza with a sinister smile, and one laughing Frieza. Frieza towels' face is the one in his final form, the form he used when fighting Goku in Planet Namek.

If you're always on the go, but you would like to see Frieza's face more often, then bask in the light of the Frieza Mobile Powerbank. The design comes in two faces, in final form face, and the Golden form.

Frieza's candies and marshmallows

Who would've thought that a candy based on one of the most sinister characters in the whole Dragon Ball universe will be made? And the taste is not as metal as The Emperor of the Universe himself. Instead of Jalapeno or sour cola flavored candy, the mighty Frieza Candy Tin will be housing ten pieces of strawberry milk flavored candies.

The Tin Case is also a craft to behold with the featured Frieza's angry face. Inside the Tin case is a pack housing ten Frieza marshmallows which are imprinted with Frieza's faces. If you're a Frieza fan, you wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to buy one for yourself.

Where to get this lovely pack?

This pack is a limited edition item and is only available for a limited amount of time.

The item would be available only from July 15 to August 31 in the JUMP SHOP at the Odaiba store. If you happen to be near the area, go grab the chance and buy one.

Meanwhile in the Tournament of Power

The last time Frieza was seen in the Tournament of Power was when Ribrianne launched an attack on the whole stage. Frieza was seen commenting how foul the odor from the attack was.

Though new photos from the promotional show the evil Emperor and Goku side by side each other. Frieza might have a battle with Goku against a strong opponent soon. It is still not certain if he will be loyal to the Universe 7. His scheme together with Frost is still unsettling. But seeing him with Goku is a refreshing fight.