Spoilers for “Suits” Season 7 episode 6 titled “Home To Roost” say Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) now wants to tell Donna (played by Sarah Rafferty) about his relationship with Dr. Paula Agard (played by Christina Cole). Would it be heartbreaking for Donna?

Why would Harvey struggle to tell Donna about Paula?

Fans of the legal drama would see Harvey as he struggles to update Donna about his personal life. The former wants to tell her that he is currently in a romantic relationship with Paula. However, something is hindering him from doing so.

The two characters have been sharing a good working relationship in the past six seasons. The series has shown that they share a mutual attraction for each other, but both were repressing their true feelings.

Moreover, Donna has even told Harvey that she wants “more” at the finale of the previous season. Although the former did not specify what she meant by her statement, fans could take a cue that she was thinking of bringing their relationship to the next level.

Now that Harvey is planning to talk about his romance with his former therapist, it remains to be seen how Donna would react to the big announcement. Would it break her heart? Sure the revelation would matter a lot to both of them.

Furthermore, the fact that Harvey is hesitant to talk to her about Paula is also an interesting plot in the upcoming episode 6. Does it hint that he also has feelings for Donna? Has he not resolved what he feels for her?

Creator hints Donna is not sure as well

In a previous interview with TV Guide, creator Aaron Korsh talked about the storyline of Harvey and Donna.

He revealed that the latter is also not sure of what she could get or what she really wants when she told him "I want more.”

The creator also mentioned that she would eventually figure out what she wants as season 7 progresses. Korsh also revealed he does not know how the fans would accept the outcome but he just assured that the series will offer more for them with regards to the relationship between the two lead characters.

What else to expect?

The synopsis also mentioned that Louis (played by Rick Hoffman) is being haunted by his past misbehavior. Also, fans would see Mike (played by Patrick J. Adams) dealing with the repercussions of his prison case.

The trailer for “Suits” season 7 episode 6 showcases how Harvey, Rachel (played by Meghan Markle) and Mike deals with the case. The clip teases there would conflict within the three.

One scene shows Harvey was telling Mike to take his hands off on the case. Rachel can also be spotted confronting Mike with his plans for the case.

Suits season 7 episode 6 titled “Home to Roost,” is scheduled to air this Wednesday, Aug. 16 on USA network.