Alaskan Bush PeopleSeason 7 is plagued by many problems – Ami’s advanced cancer, Matt’s freak accident, and Noah marriage controversy – that are testing their core as a family. These events are causing much trouble to those who are following the series. With limited updates and confirmation on issues and rumors, fans are clinging even to the slightest intel about the Browns current state.

In this kind of situation, fans rely mostly on what is being fed in Facebook groups and pages. An example to this is the group called “Alaskan Bush People~ Local View” which is composed and managed by people of Hoonah neighborhood.

They have close contact with the Brown family and even have the privilege to chat with them over the phone.

Browntown is abandoned

The group’s admin shares her recent conversation with the Browns. She has learned that the family boat is no longer in the Alaskan Bush and has been sold off. Some residents of Hoonah confirm that no one from the Brown family is present when the boat set of its Alaskan dock.

This suggests that the “Alaskan Bush People” stars are no longer in Browntown. Note that Discovery Channel and the Brown Family have not confirmed any of this assumptions. Although a close neighbor suggests otherwise, it will eventually unfold in Season 7.

Integrity is sold in Seattle

Talking about Integrity, another Facebook page called “Alaskan Bush People Exposed” has confirmed the said information.

“The Integrity is in Seattle and there was camera man on board," the page posted.

This revelation births to another spoiler. The family has originally planned to keep Integrity in Colorado. But considering their current situation and the hurdles that come along in getting the said boat in transit, the family opted to put it up in the market.

So they’ve let Discovery Channel employees Ray and Donnie lead Integrity’s voyage and transact the boat’s sale in Seattle, Inquisitr reported. A cameraman named Richard is also present during the entire trip who might have recorded the transactions. This event may be featured in the latter part of Season 7 since the family is all focused in assisting Ami’s medications.

Browntown moves to Colorado

According to a previous Blasting News article – Will a new Browntown spring in Colorado? – the Browns’ frequent outing in The Centennial State is indicative of their plan to settle there. Rumors of Noah and Rhain getting married in the said state slightly confirms the report. In addition, this place is packed with all the necessary medical utilities and treatment for Ami’s medications.

Alaskan Bush PeopleSeason 7 airs every Wednesday on Discovery Channel at 9 PM.