After a rough past two months, things are finally looking up for singer Aaron Carter, who was recently arrested for Dui and possession of marijuana and other drug-related paraphernalia. In June, the 29-year old quit Twitter because of the incessant bullying and body shaming he experienced both in person and online.

PEOPLE reported in June that as per Carter, "Been in the hospital three times this month, dealing with health issues and broken fingers as well as things I can’t legally discuss...They’re trolling me and causing me so many insecurities."

Carter lashes out at 'fake fans' for bullying him

The singer took to social media at the time to lash out at those who commented about his weight.

Aaron Carter shared the story in which he overheard a fan comment that he looked "like he had cancer" and that he should "eat five cheeseburgers." He defended himself, saying that he had a stress-related medical condition that made it difficult for him to eat normally. He returned to Twitter shortly thereafter to promote his upcoming shows but was soon burdened by a DUI arrest earlier this month.

Singer was arrested in Georgia

On July 15, Aaron Carter was arrested in Georgia while he was trying to get the alignment on his second-hand car fixed at an AutoZone. He was arrested for possession of marijuana less than one ounce, as well as possessing other drug-related materials. He was also arrested for DUI.

In a recounting with ET (via Rolling Stone), the singer said that he was "forcefully grabbed" by police officers, who he accused of targeting him because he was famous. He also clarified during the interview that he was clean, as the only legal drugs he was prescribed are Xanax, Propranolol for high blood pressure, and oxycodone.

Carter insists that it's his hiatal hernia, which he was born with, that forces him to constantly be under medication.

'Sooner or Later' singer has concluded recording a new album

Things are looking up now for Aaron Carter, who took to Twitter to announce that he has finally finished recording the last song for his "LøVë" record.

He wrote, "It's DONE!!" and even took to Instagram to share a short video of him recording a song. He captioned it, "For once, I won't share the whole song with you before it comes out." He is also set to play a show in Tampa, Florida this August 10, a poster of the event he posted on his Instagram as well. He hinted that he may play his new music during the event at Hamburger Mary's Brandon.