Aaron Carter was physically attacked on Friday night on stage at the Loony Bin in Bradley, Illinois by a fellow musician who was offended by a comment that Carter allegedly made containing on offensive Racial Slur.

Aaron Carter goes too far

Here is what went down Friday night. Aaron Carter was to go on stage to perform following the opening band Ill State, the band, according to TMZ reports, had just finished their set and was taking their time getting off the stage, one man, in particular, is said to have been goofing around, taking headphones and shooting videos while Carter had begun performing.

Aaron Carter loses patience with band member, calls security during show

Witnesses on hand told TMZ that Aaron was obviously annoyed with this guy's antics and called for a security guard to remove him from the stage. Just as the guard was removing the man from the stage, Aaron turned to him, saying, "Bye Felipe," which is a take on the "Bye Felicia" sarcastic line commonly used today.

Here is where the big problem comes into play. The said man, who is described as Hispanic, took offense to Carter's remark, jumped back on stage, and physically attacked Carter, leaving the singer with a broken computer, speaker, and enough injuries for a trip to the local emergency room for treatment. This incident is currently under investigation by the local authorities.

The attack on Aaron Carter comes just days after Aaron launched an attack of his own, a verbal attack aimed right at Justin Bieber. Carter claimed publicly, according to TMZ, that he is a "threat" to Justin Bieber. Stating that he is responsible for paving the way for the likes of Bieber to become a huge star.

AC, who is now making a run at a comeback career in the music industry also added that Justin Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun should feel very nervous abut the new music he is about to release.

Carter also spoke publicly about the beef between Matt Weis on Theo Von's "Allegedly" podcast, and said it goes back to 2015 when Justin's attorney said he helped Bieber avoid Aaron-rescue-career mistakes. If Carter is hoping to make a comeback, keeping his name in the headlines with a juicy celebrity feud is a great place to start.

What are your thoughts? Aaron Carter, or Justin Bieber?