Wonder Woman has accomplished another milestone. Gal Gadot starred in 'Wonder Woman', a film that has not only fueled the superhero brand for females but has also become DC's most popular and best-selling film. Wonder Woman ends up as highest grossing DCEU film so far, beating 'Batman v Superman' and 'Suicide Squad'.

This DC movie has as of now made the most astounding earner for a live action flick directed by a single woman, crushing various unmerited assumptions about the industry. It's the motion picture as a whole that matters the most.

Milestones that are yet to be achieved

It presently can't seem to outperform Disney's animation movie 'Frozen', which was co-directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck and earned more than one billion dollars around the world. However, Wonder Woman hints at no backing off. But this doesn't change the fact that is it one of the best female-led superhero movies. When news of the film's accomplishments came to limelight, many congratulated Patty Jenkins, the director of the film. Marvel supremo Kevin Feige has praised the film's success and the fact that it overturns comparable speculations about female-led superhero movies.

Pouring felicitations

The Good Wife actress Connie Nielsen, who featured in the film as Queen Hippolyta, Diana's Amazonian mother, tweeted that she was unbelievably proud of Jenkins and the fact that she was involved in the project.

To this, Jenkins reacted, "Thank you, my dear friend and incredible queen. Couldn't have done it without you. Honored to be a part of it. xo" Even on-screen character Gal Gadot tweeted a looped video of Wonder Woman jumping over a wired barrier.

Future considerations for the film

Due to the failures of Catwoman and Electra at the box office in the past, studios have stayed wary of female-driven superhero movies.

But Wonder Woman has proven that she is an excellent superhero since the 1940s. This bodes well for the fans.

Even though Warner Bros. and DCEU's four films to date have been successful in numbers at the box office, by far it's just Wonder Woman which has delighted in positive recognition from both the fans and critics.

So, how about, we hope this guarantees the fate of a spin-off and clears the route for other female superhero movies too.

DC officials are saying the sequels will be "more fun" and promises sheer excitement.

Wonder Woman at present is being played worldwide in cinemas while 'Justice League' is set for a 16 November release.