Mr. Donald Trump tweeted that he found it bloomy when he saw the history as well as the culture of the US when it got ripped apart with the eviction of their beautiful monuments and statues. He also said that people cannot alter the history but they can learn different lessons from it.

The car incident

An outrage was drawn by Mr. Donald Trump when he defended the organizers of a rally of the white supremacist. This really left dozens of people injured and a literally dead woman in the crowd on a road side when their car plowed on to them. The rally was organized in the region of Charlottesville in Virginia.

It was supported by the “white supremacists and neo-Nazis”. The rally protested because of the removal of Robert E Lee’s statue; he was a general and he had fought during the Civil War of the US for the Confederacy of the pro-slavery.

The incident of the car was literally deadly when the car hit with the group of the counter protesters, it inflicted severe injuries and proved to be a cause of the death of that 32-years old lady named Heather Heyer.

It was said about the removal of the statues that this beauty would be missed as it was no more in the towns, parks, and cities; it would never be replaced with anything. The controversial statues included the pro-slavery rebellion leader statues; it has been the most recent flashpoint across the country as far as the racial tensions are concerned.

According to the critics, the “monuments to the Confederacy” are supposed to be offensive racially. However, the point of view of the supporters is that these the monuments were the important symbols that preserved the heritage of the southern part of the United States.

Donald Trump’s condemnation

The condemnation of Mr. Donald Trump this Monday of the white supremacists is considered to be a person present in a bar and that person initiates his condemnation and starts saying that he is not a racist, etc.

The American President, Mr. Donald Trump had been feeling compelled for distancing himself from the hatred and the prejudice that a number of marchers spewed on the last weekend.

Trump has now come down with both of his feet for supporting the reason for which they are carrying out their rally supposedly. It might not be shocking but recently the polls showed that the public of the United States is mostly against the removal of the statues. Mr. Steve Bannon also gave a blunt interview about the incident and the recent happenings in the United States that were quite shocking.