The heat of the Alt-left and Alt-right racist issue is being slowly felt by all other sections and are quite jittery about the things which may lead to any adverse occurrences. The newest entrant who has sweltered due to this issue is the Ryerson University in Toronto which was forced to shut its free speech event given the repercussions it might face due to the unpleasant occurrences which have happened over the past few weeks in the United States.

These alarming incidents forced the Canadian University to back off from their event as they are uncertain of the security.

The event on the 22nd of this August has been canceled by the Ryerson University, Toronto which also featured speakers like Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad, and Faith Goldy.

But it can be said that the Ryerson University tutor hasn't chosen a good time for the event or he might have planned it way back before the foul play of the recent events which gave a sense of resentment among the people and so in such a turmoil situation, the University didn't fancy their chances of proceeding with the event.

Apprehensive approach of Forbes

Michael Forbes, the university spokesperson has addressed the issue in his mail which stressed on the fact that in the foreground of the Charlottesville incident, Ryerson would find it challenging to address the issues of safety which is a prime priority for the University, it is far more than challenging to provide safety.

Forbes also mentioned that Ryerson was not equipped completely to host such an event given the happenings of late and calling it off would be a better solution than compromising on the public safety. Forbes stressed again and again on the safety issue and was concerned with that and has canceled the event solely on the safety pretext.

But is it really so?

Given the present scenario, it seems quite obvious that the Charlottesville incident has startled everyone in the United States and people are now looking skeptical about things happening. Faith Goldy has mentioned about the canceling of the event in her twitter handle in Toronto and in Arizona as well.

Both seemed to have been canceled for the same security reasons amounting from the violence of the Alt-left issue. The issue is nowhere looking settled and people are quite apprehensive to discuss it.

Repulsively pensive

The panelists for the Ryerson event have had the knack of calling a spade a spade despite the repercussions they might have to face. Few suspect that this might lead to another twist in the tale for the already crooked tale of racism and hence forbidding the speakers to make their statements and not in Ryerson as that would mean Ryerson university is standing by the speaker's opinion and the University's reputation might be at stake.

But that doesn't seem like a convincing argument as in that case the University wouldn't be organizing an event in the first place and invite the so called controversial speakers to comment on the happenings.

The root cause which rotted the normalcy of the United States is still not addressed effectively and everyone making sure to stay out of this rather than trying to resolve the core causes which triggered the issue.