Jenelle Evans is currently the mother of three children, and two of them live with her. This “Teen Mom 2” star surprised everyone when she announced that she was pregnant with her third child. Little Ensley was born in January of this year and she's currently five months old. But these days, it sounds like Jenelle's parenting decisions are being called into question by some of her Twitter followers.

Of course, Jenelle doesn't have the most supportive Twitter following and they're often attacking her on every little detail. This is why Jenelle is no longer as active on social media as she once was.

She would prefer not to share things on social media because she knows she's just going to get attacked for them.

Is she overstimulating her daughter?

When Jenelle shared a picture of David trying to get their daughter to sleep, fans were confused. In the picture, David is dancing, the TV is on, and Ensley sitting in an Exersaucer, which just keeps her more awake and active. One person asked her how all of this could be putting a baby to sleep since she is being stimulated in all kinds of ways.

Jenelle Evans explained that it helps get out her energy, as she seemed to be very energetic that particular day. Many people criticize her for being a bad mother, as this is not the way a baby usually goes to sleep.

But Jenelle has a point; if Ensley is too active, too energetic, and simply too awake to sleep, she needs to do whatever it takes to get some energy out of the baby prior to putting her to sleep.

It's also very interesting that no one mentioned the fact that every baby is different. On social media, it seems like everyone has an opinion about how Jenelle and David are parents to their children, but they don't know Ensley personally.

Not every baby is the same

When “Teen Mom 2” wrapped this past season, Jenelle was still pregnant with Ensley and no one had met her.

Fans only know her through pictures on Instagram and Twitter, and it is limited as to how well they know this little baby girl based on these kinds of posts. It's very interesting that so many people offer up their opinions about parenting when they simply don't even know the baby. One can imagine that Jenelle and David know their baby girl the best and will do what works for her.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s decisions to parent their daughter the way they are? Are you surprised that they're facing so much criticism for the way they're trying to get the baby to sleep?

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