Americans are waiting for the movie "Wonder Woman" to be released in the United States on June 2, 2017, but that's not the case for people in Lebanon. In fact, Lebanon wants to ban the 2017 movie. It is not because of the movie itself that people in Lebanon are offended. Instead, it is because of Gal Gadot, the leading actress who plays Wonder Woman.

A Lebanese security official indicated that Gadot is an Israeli, and Lebanon is at war with Israel. There has been a ten-year tradition that Lebanon boycotts Israeli products, and the Lebanese are barred from any contact with Israelis.

About Gal Gadot

The film is a reboot of the 1975 movie in which Lynda Carter was the fictional superhero. Gadot has gained a lot of popularity for her leading role in the 2017 film and the 32-year-old Israeli actress and model appeared on several talk shows in America to promote the upcoming film. In 2013, she was the second highest paid actress and model in her native Israel.

When she was 18, she became Miss Israel in 2004. One of the requirements for being crowned was for her to carry out two years of military service. When her term was up at age 20, she studied law. After one year of law school, she auditioned for a movie. She didn't get the part, but the same casting director hired her to act in "Fast & Furious," where she performed her own stunts.

None of those movies were banned in Lebanon. The ban against Gadot's films in Lebanon started after she landed the title role in "Wonder Wonder."

Not banned yet

A formal request for a ban has not been made because it would require a recommendation from a committee made up of six members. Advertisements for the movie, including posters and digital billboards, were plentiful in the Lebanese capital.

"Wonder Woman" is still set to be released as scheduled. The film will be shown during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in all theaters in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait on Thursday, June 1, 2017. It is scheduled to open in Oman on June 22 and in Bahrain on June 29.

One theater in Beirut is showing a premiere of "Wonder Woman" on Wednesday, May 31.

The cinema is giving its members free popcorn as a way to entice them to attend.

Movies banned

Even though "Wonder Woman" has not been banned yet, other movies were banned earlier this year. "Wawlana" is an Egyptian movie about a celebrity Muslim cleric, which was not shown in Lebanon. The Lebanese movie "Beach House," about friends discussing their identities, was also banned.

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