Phaedra Parks has been on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' for several years and she has always prided herself on being a southern belle. However, on the previous season of the show, Phaedra was caught lying about her co-stars in such a way that many fans called for her to be fired from the show.

Phaedra Parks lied about Kandi Burruss supposedly wanting to drug Porsha Williams in order to have sex with her. Williams had heard this rumor through Parks, so she assumed that it was true because they were friends. But when she learned that Parks was lying about it, she questioned their entire friendship.

Bravo producers have yet to reveal whether they want to fire parks because of this lie.

She takes no responsibility for her lies

Parks has spoken out about the lie and she reveals that everything happens for a reason. She's never revealed anything about her role on the show on social media and she has yet to say anything about filming the new season. Andy Cohen recently revealed on Twitter that he doesn't even know if she will be returning. But it sounds like Parks may still be playing dirty behind the scenes because according to a new Hollywood Life report, she's going to do just about anything to get Kenya Moore kicked off the show.

As it turns out, Kenya has now been faced with an ultimatum from producers who want her new husband to appear on the show.

They don't want to just film her, but they want to film the entire family, which includes her husband. But Kenya's husband doesn't want to be on the show because he doesn't like the way African-American males have been portrayed in the past. Plus, he never signed up to be on a reality television show.

Maybe Parks sees this as her chance to get back on the show.

Perhaps the producers had told her that they simply didn't have space in the cast to include her and it's possible that Phaedra is now seeing her opportunity to get back on the show. Kenya Moore hasn't said anything about leaving the show and she hasn't spoken out about the producers’ supposed ultimatum.

Phaedra may want the Bravo paycheck

All of this could come down to rumors, as Kenya Moore recently attended Cynthia Bailey's 50th birthday party. The cameras were supposedly there and Kenya appeared in photos shared on Twitter. One has to wonder if Phaedra is perhaps upset that Kenya is not sharing everything from her life since Parks has been very open and honest about everything that's going on in her life.

This includes filming with her ex-husband, Apollo Nida, who has been sentenced to eight years for fraud a few years ago. He's currently serving eight years and Phaedra has to deal with the consequences of his actions these days, which is something she doesn't appreciate.

What do you think about Phaedra Parks supposedly working against Kenya Moore these days? Do you think she's will be able to get Moore off the show and possibly save her own role?