"Walking Dead" Season 8 filming is underway and so are the potential spoilers for the upcoming season. The latest is completely mind shattering.

Things look grim for major character

In season 7 of the "Walking Dead," the opening episode was BRUTAL, to say the least. If you have not yet watched season 7, you may want to turn back now because some major spoilers are revealed below.

Another major death so soon?

Season 7 left fans with a smorgasbord of emotions for sure. Negan and Lucille's violent reign began by bashing in both Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee's skulls in, and it was vicious.

Fans started the season off hyped by the months of speculation as to who Negan's first kills would actually be. We were left shocked, and heartbroken by the major impact the loss of Glenn and Abe had on the group.

TWD season 7 after that was well, just plain weird and slow paced up until the final couple of episodes when things finally began to pick up as the group prepared to go to war against Negan and the Saviors. Now with Season 8 filming underway, there are some serious rumors circulating revealing which of the main characters may die next. Deep breath...it is speculated that Rick Grimes our beloved leader may be the next shocking death to come!

Robert Kirkman has always stated that no-One is safe, and that includes Rick Grimes.

He also has claimed, according to Express C.U., that the "Walking Dead" series would still thrive with or without Rick. If the latest edition of the comic rings true, we may just find out if Kirkman is a man of his word or not this season. The latest comic reveals Rick telling his dying wife, Andrea, he can not go on without her.

Now in the AMC series, we know Andrea is long gone and Rick is with Michonne, so will we also lose Michonne this season? The cover art of comic issue #170 shows Michonne, Eugene, Siddiq, and Magna are seen fleeing Alexandria. Dedicated comic book fans are claiming that this is a serious message to television fans of what the future will soon hold for Rick.

Should Rick (Andrew Lincoln) be the next to go, who will step up to fill his boots? Will Daryl Dixon take on the role, or will it be one of the strong fighting females? Seriously, it can't possibly be Carl at this point, can it? Isn't he far too young to be taken as a serious leader?

It is a given that Rick has been training Carl every step of the way to survive on his own, but is that time rapidly approaching? One thing is for sure we fans have been promised by Kirkman that The Walking Dead Season 8 will be a shocking ride, leaving us all clinging to the edge of our seats fro the get go and through every episode.

Thank goodness, because some of the last season was pretty rough to get through -- Michonne and Rick's lovefest, Daryl's capture and torture, and Carol's mental breakdown, to recap a few of the snoozefest episodes.

So, "Walking Dead" fans, what are your predictions for season 8 -- who will live, who will die? Let the countdown to October begin, fans!