“Hawaii Five-0”’s McGarrett and Danno hit the streets once more on Wednesday, this time with the mysterious Tani backing their play.

The CBS series bid farewell to Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim just days before Season 8 filming commenced, leaving the task force in a bind. While no one can replace Kono and Chin in the Five-0 geist, Steve (Alex O’Loughlin) will work to rebalance the scales in the premiere. Get your first look at Tani in the behind-the-scenes videos below.

Meet the newest 'Hawaii Five-0' recruit

Described by TV Line as a former police academy recruit with a penchant for flaunting the rules (and punching her superiors), Tani is currently serving as a lifeguard.

Where, you ask? The Hilton Paradise Hotel – familiar stomping grounds for the Five-0 crew. Although Tani’s casting has yet to be announced, the lifeguard seen in the following videos certainly fits the bill. Wielding nothing more than a whistle and an air of discontent, the newbie will find herself wrangling hyper tweens in lieu of criminals.

Excitement will arrive on the horizon in a swirl of blue and red lights, however. Badges were out and Scott Caan’s stunt double was on hand, giving every indication that action scenes were in the works.

Next on ‘Hawaii Five-0’

“Hawaii Five-0” didn’t end season 7 with a tradition cliffhanger, but writers made sure to speckle the episode with enough question marks to ensure a healthy viewership for the premiere.

Most notably, the opener will be saddled with explaining Chin and Kono’s sudden departure.

Luckily, looming contract negotiations prompted writers to plot an easy out for the cousins. Chin was offered a job as the head of the San Francisco Five-0 and Kono left Oahu before the credits rolled, this time to take her human trafficking investigation to the mainland.

We won’t see the pair, but their absences will certainly be addressed.

At the same time, the Sept. 29 episode will potentially remind all involved that McGarrett is facing down a slow battle with radiation poisoning. Don’t worry too much, however. O’Loughlin’s Navy SEAL isn’t picking out coffins just yet.

Elsewhere, the case of the week will leave one victim feeling a little roasty-toasty. Showrunner Peter Lenkov posted the following photo on Tuesday, showcasing the prop department’s ability to ruin your next barbecue.

Find out more when McGarret, Danny, Grover, and Jerry return to “Hawaii Five-0” on Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.