"The Walking Dead" Season 8 has finally confirmed that their production has resumed after the tragic death of Stuntman's John Bernecker. A report from Entertainment Tonight shared that season 8 production is finally in works after being temporarily shut down on July 12 due to the incident which happened to one of their actors.

Bernecker was filming one of his scenes together with actor Austin Amelio when he suddenly fell from a 20-feet balcony towards the concrete floor. Everyone was shocked with the incident and hence, the production has to be stopped for the meantime.

Bernecker was immediately brought to the Atlanta Hospital. He was given immediate ventilator in order to support his breath. However, his family decided to remove him from life support. Amid his death, everyone expressed their condolences over what happened.

Accidental fall on the set in Georgia

Everyone was saddened after learning the news that Bernecker faced his tragic death while filming for the upcoming season of "Walking Dead." No one would barely believe that the stuntman is already dead. He was pronounced dead on that Wednesday evening and it was confirmed by Richard Hawk of Coweta County Coroner's Office.

As per investigation, it was believed that his cause of death was accidental blunt force trauma due to the pressure that hits his head from the concrete floor.

He was supposed to perform a stunt scene when he accidentally lost control that led him to his death. In line with this, the production has immediately halted with their works. Nevertheless, his legacy will always be part of "The Walking Dead."

Meanwhile, the show is expected to air this fall despite the Stuntman's absence. Bernecker will never be replaced but his character will always be remembered.

Production is heartbroken

The incident which happened to Bernecker was indeed sudden and a tragic one. Hence, the production has issued an official statement as they expressed their sympathy to his family. Scoot Gimple, the showrunner, also added that the entire production has been heart-broken over his untimely death.

However, despite his death, the productions promises that the show will continue to entertain and excite the audiences.

They also believed that this is something that Bernecker wanted for the show. Gimple further shared that they will always be grateful for the great contributions that the stuntman has given to the show.