christie brinkley, the famous Supermodel, has revealed that she finds it hard finding "Mr. Right" at her current age. However, a report from Entertainment Tonight indicates that the star wants her life to slow down a bit before she finds a new love of her life. Brinkley has sat down with Entertainment Tonight during the 6th Annual St. Barth Hamptons Gala, and she shared about the current status of her love life.

She was asked what she would want to do on 63 and the supermodel answered jokingly, "Where to meet the good man." Further, she also revealed that finding the perfect person at her age is a lot difficult today compared to those years when she was still young.

The dating game

Brinkley was one of the few individuals who has been into relationships and eventually decided to go on into separate ways. To recall, the supermodel has just split from her former partner, John Mellencamp, last August after Dating each other for more than a year. Further, she was also linked to a famous musician back in December. However, it seemed that their relationship didn't work at all.

As she shared, she doesn't mind getting involved with the dating game again as long as she will finally find the right guy for her. She further revealed that she has been into a "no serious" relationship and had focused her time on her three kids. Right now, she also revealed that she is currently single and still loving her kind of life with her kids.

Top priority

Brinkley has also told Entertainment Tonight that her daughter, Alexa Ray, has been dating her restaurateur boyfriend, Ryan Gleason. As of the meantime, she revealed that she liked the man to be the partner of her child. On the other hand, she also revealed that her children had been her top priority in her entire life.

Despite the fact that her kids have selected really nice and sweet guys, she still wanted the best persons for her daughters. Brinkley also added that Jack, her 22-year old son, remained to be one of her primary focus today.

Amid the fact that she was not fortunate of meeting the right guy, it is safe to say that the supermodel has always had the best and gorgeous family she ever had.

Despite being single, the supermodel admitted that she is contented with her life. However, she also added that she wouldn't mind giving it a try whenever instances occur that she'll meet another man. To her children, Brinkley will always be their best mother and the sweetest they could ever have.