Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, the "Riverdale" stars, were reportedly dating each other over the weekend. A new report from E! News has confirmed that the co-stars were both spotted in an intimate bonding on a Saturday night following the recent 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Multiple eyewitnesses have spotted them together constantly holding each other’s' hands. Nevertheless, it is still not clear on how serious their current relationship is. However, it was also reported that both were seen in PDA as they attended the after-party of the said event.

Friends were not surprised

One source has told E! News that Reinhart has been hanging out with some of her friends from "Riverdale" last Friday. However, most of her friends have noticed that she cannot keep her eye off from Sprouse. This led them speculating that something romantic is already happening between the two stars.

Meanwhile, some reports also claimed that both of them were seen talking closely at each other near the pool. Even though both were not seen doing some romantic actions, their friends couldn't help but noticed that something not ordinary is happening between the two stars, who met each other last year.

Some other reports from E! News has also confirmed that Sprouse and Reinhart were seen kissing each other after the comic conference.

Without a doubt, the two have finally given out the true hint of their relationship status.

Dating rumors

Since the day Sprouse and Reinhart met in the "Riverdale" set last year, the stars have continually sparked on their dating rumors even without confirming from it. Apparently, the two started from their on-screen romance which was dubbed by most of their fans as "Bughead." Since then, the rumors about their relationship started to surface online and it lasted throughout the filming of the series' first season.

To recall, Sprouse has also shared a photo of Reinhart on his Instagram account which showed the actress pointing her fingers somewhere on the field.

This fueled the speculations from their fans that the two stars were more than just ordinary friends.

In one of his interviews, the actor has also told the press that both of them had played character roles who were actually dating. Hence, it is no stranger if they can be both seen in public sometimes. As of the meantime, the “Riverdale” stars are yet to confirm their latest romance news. Further, their followers also look forward that will finally reveal their real status.