Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been reported dating each other for several months and both have kept their Relationship low-key. Just recently, a report from E! News has shared that the rumored pair were spotted together as they covered their faces with hoodies while heading to the gym. Despite hiding themselves from the press and the public, their followers couldn't help but still notice their personalities. Despite choosing their life in low-key, it looked as if the rumored pair is doing great, healthy and happy on their kind of life.

New couple

As per a report from E! News, Swift, and Alwyn were reportedly spending their time recently at the Rhode Island just a few days after they had paid a visit to their friends, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the new couple was also seen heading back to their apartment in New York City. It was also the exact day when Swift and Alwyn appeared to be all-covered as they went out to the gym.

The couple has chosen to cover themselves with umbrellas and hoodies as they stepped out for their work out routine. Further, the brunette singer was also spotted wearing her black hoodie as she paired it with her black leggings. On the other hand, Alwyn was also seen on his black jacket with a hoodie, a gray backpack, and his brown boots.

It seemed that the couple has kept their fitness life active despite hiding themselves from the public eye.

Relationship with Alwyn

Most of Swift's followers have kept asking why she chooses to keep herself away from the public. Nevertheless, they have supported Swift’s decision after learning that she is currently growing her relationship with her new boyfriend, Alwyn.

Meanwhile, a source has told E! News that the new couple had lots of security around them in New York to make sure that they are safe. As they headed off the gym, the pair already loaded their cars with the things they needed.

An eyewitness has also claimed that they already set it up so that no one from the public will notice them coming out from the apartment.

The report continued that the both came out all covered and both were walking closely at each other. The brunette singer was also seen hooking her hand around the waist of Alwyn. Apparently, Alwyn was also making his best effort in order to hide Swift from the public.

In line with this, it was also believed that Swift wanted to keep herself low-key and still plans to keep her relationship in private as long as she can. Without a doubt, the singer is now in her happy place together with her favorite person, Alwyn.