Christie Brinkley is a well-known name in the modeling and fashion industry. She was born in 1954, and that makes her 63. Christie is a supermodel, and she had made waves when she modeled for Sports Illustrated in 1981 in 3 consecutive issues. She had adorned the cover of the magazine in a bikini.

That's a long time back, and then Christie decided that she would eschew posing in a bikini but now with two grown up daughters she has decided to have one last fling. She has posed with her two daughters Alexa Ray Joel ( age 31), and Sailer Brinkley Cook ( age 18)in a photoshoot in a bikini for Sports Illustrated.

She also got herself photographed in a red bikini. From the photographs one can see that for Christie age is just a number.

Christie Brinkley

Christie lives in New York and is reportedly worth over $ 80 million, mostly from the real estates she owns. She has been married four times. Her most celebrated spouse was Billy Joel, the singer from who she has one daughter. Her career spans close to 4 decades which is a tribute to her resilience and dedication. Christie also dabbled in films and the stage though her presence there was limited. Her strength was modeling, and she excelled in it. She last shot for the Sports Illustrated in 2004, and now at 63, she is back. She would be the oldest model to embellish the cover of a magazine in a bikini at this age.


The photos of Christie are splashed all over the net as well as Twitter. Fans have commented that she is as good as her daughters. probably she matches them and even is a point ahead of them. This is a tribute to the fantastic fitness of the supermodel. This will in all probability be her last shoot in a bikini


The bikini has come into prominence in the 20th and 21st century and has begun to epitomize women's beauty.

It's perhaps the acceptance of the age-old Greek concept of beauty. A bikini shows the perfection of a woman and leaves nothing to the imagination. In this Christie gets full points and one can safely say that she will be an inspiration to many older women.