The stars of The Last Ship” Season 4 graced the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2017 and talked about what is going to happen next in the television series. As things get pretty serious and dangerous this time, will Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) return to help save the world?

The Red Flu is now developing to be more dangerous, and it might distress everyone all over the world. A global famine is now at risk as the virus will now affect plants and crops that help people survive.

A new mission to find the cure

The Red Flu has eradicated almost 80 percent of the world’s population.

However, no matter how the crew of the Uss Nathan James tried to save the world, the virus evolved and it is now more dangerous.

The show’s executive producer Steven Kane revealed that the virus will no longer affect the people, but it will now affect their food in “The Last Ship” Season 4. “It jumps back a kingdom to where it comes from to [sic] plants,” he said. It now touches all the food crops that people take to survive the phenomenon.

So, the USS Nathan James will go set off again for a new mission to find a cure, a primordial seed that is resistant to the Red Rust, a new name of the virus. This will try to revitalize the plants and crops to make it healthier. The ship’s crew are about to travel the world, from “Greece, Italy, Algeria, Morocco to Spain,” as revealed by Steven Kane.

Evidently, the new assignment they are having is derived from the critically acclaimed poem of Homer, “The Odyssey.” The classic sonnet is considered as one of the greatest sea tales in history. In fact, Critical Hit reported that the upcoming new installment of the show is billed as a television adaptation of the epic ode.

Chandler’s new life

Moreover, Carter Matt reported that Tom Chandler will not find comfort even though he starts his new life in Greece in “The Last Ship” Season 4.

The former Chief of Naval Operations is looking for a haven in a small fishing village in Greece. In this new country, he chose to live with his family and live a simple life of his own when he left the Navy.

However, it looks like trouble is really in his blood.

To hide his real identity, he now has longer hair. With that, he will get the attention of the mafia boss named Giorgio (Jackson Rathbone). This bad guy is a host fight clubs in the country. Will he be the new adversary of Tom Chandler? However, it won’t be too long until fans will see his return to USS Nathan James to help the crew find the cure and save the world.