There are swirling rumors that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould will give another birth to a spin-off series after “Better call saul.” As the show’s producers revealed that AMC is actually reeling to do a prequel of Jesse Pinkman’s story, there is another character that they are eyeing to give its own show.

It looks a like a spin-off from a spin-off is about to happen as the two executive producers want to give Kim Wexler her own series. Although she is the least expected character to have her own show, she actually caught their interest.

All about Kim

If Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are not yet done exploring the “Breaking Bad” universe, they might create a new spin-off series featuring Kim Wexler after “Better Call Saul.”

“She can be hilariously funny, she can be absolutely moving,” Gilligan told Uproxx. He also added that she can merely do everything and has this astonishing range. He then explained as the first fan of “BCS,” he wants to know about Kim’s character. “I want to see and learn more about her,” he said. So, if he will be given a chance, he will do another spin-off that would be all about her.

Kim’s role in ‘BCS’

Moreover, according to Screen Rant, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould earlier revealed that “Better Call Saul” won’t go past five seasons.

This is just how long “Breaking Bad” runs.

Thus, some now wonder if AMC will be asking for another spin-off when “BCS” ends. Evidently, the Bob-Odenkirk show turned out very well and has been loved by a lot of fans, either new ones or old-time “BrBa” viewers. So, there’s a big possibility that the show’s creators can still make a third spin-off from it.

Although it might be surprising that they chose Kim Wexler to have her own show, she turns to be a complex character. Fans are seeing Rhea Seehorn’s role grow bigger every time a new season is coming. In fact, she has a “great dramatic” storyline in the previous season of “BCS.” Even though the Emmy voters often overlook her character and performance, she is considered as one of the important roles in the television series.

A possible plotline

Meanwhile, storytelling wise, if there will be indeed a spin-off series about Kim Wexler; it would definitely have a lot of stories to explore.

The “Breaking Bad” series already explored what really happened to Mike and Gus, so a new spin-off series about them is not really needed. Alternatively, “Better Call Saul” Season 3 ended with the assumed death of Chuck, so his story already ended. However, Kim is not seen in “BrBa,” thus it might be nice to see what her life has been in between the end of the original series and “BCS.”