Rihanna met French President emmanuel macron on Wednesday, July 26, to discuss her charity activities in education and healthcare sectors. The discussion was set up after the Barbadian singer tweeted French President Emmanuel Macron asking if she would meet her in person. She replied that Rihanna should visit her at the Elysée Palace on July 26.

The purpose of this meeting

The “Diamonds” singer founded the Clara Lionel Foundation in 2012, a nonprofit organization that promotes scholarship projects all over the world.

"We will focus on the education and health projects through Rihanna’s foundation,” Macron told the Daily Mail.

She and Rihanna will make some big announcements this September regarding the charity. Rihanna’s Twitter account has more than 70 million followers, and she has started using it to approach all famous politicians such as Argentina’s Mauricio Macri and Canada's Justin Trudeau.

Speaking to television crews, Rihanna said that it is a pleasure to meet the president.

She is very open to finding new ways to solve the problems affecting the world. They talked about the refugee crisis and how most people know what’s happening in Africa. NME reports that the singer names Macron as “one of the best leaders in the world.” She is incredibly welcoming and shows interest in the education and health projects.

It looks like Rihanna is very impressed and inspired with her leadership. In the meantime, she shows interest in discussing her health and education projects with every leader.

Two new takes on Parisian style

This unconventional occasion called for a change in dress codes for all parties involved. Rihanna, for her one-on-one with Macron, opted for simple pants with matching T-shirt and a back panel.

She accessorized her look with heels and a Dior Addict clutch. Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, sported her French working uniform for the occasion.

Rihanna took it to Twitter yesterday to share the photographs of herself and Emmanuel. Last year, the singer tweeted Macron’s predecessor, François Hollande, and got a reply: “Dear Rihanna, thanks for your message. You will soon receive my detailed response.”

The Clara Lionel Foundation is one of the best and most famous nonprofit organizations in the United States. It provides educational facilities to poor children and accomplishes a lot of projects every year. Last year, the Clara Lionel Foundation partnered with Global Citizen and Global Partnership for Education to fund education all over the world. The “Diamonds” singer also joined hands with fashion house Dior to facilitate millions of kids who are not currently in schools.