The Last ShipSeason 4’s release is getting closer and closer as its production continues. In fact, stars of the show were recently spotted filming at the Naval Base San Diego. They were aboard the guided-missile destroyer.

The production set

The Navy itself shared a photo of the post-apocalyptic drama’s filming on Saturday, giving a glimpse of what’s to come on its Twitter account. The image was also described as the “week-long filming” for the television series, in the preparation of its two-hour premiere episode.

However, it didn’t reveal which ship the show has used for the backdrop, Times of San Diego reported.

The USS Halsey and the USS Dewey have served as its set in the previous seasons.

A global pandemic has caused a lot of deaths that greatly affect the world’s population. But the crew of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, also known as USS Nathan James, seems untouched, and thus they are trying to find the cure to save the humanity.

Chandler’s return

TNT is about to release the new episodes of “The Last Ship” Season 4 soon, with an epic storyline that fans need to see.

To recall, in the previous season finale, Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) felt like he was no longer in shape and in the position to keep fighting. So, he decided to leave the USS Nathan James and the class destroyer’s remaining staff and crew to have a new life of his own.

In the fourth installment, fans are about to see the former Chief of Naval Operations trying to live a new life in Greece in the first few episodes. However, it looks like he will be missing his service as the ship’s Commanding Officer, and thus he will find his way back. He will be continuing to serve the people to control the threat of famine that is about to conquer the world.

Show’s official synopsis

In the official synopsis of the coming new chapter, Captain Mike Slattery (Adam Baldwin), along with the USS Nathan James’ crew, will find out that the virus is now spreading and infecting the food crops in the whole world. This will soon result in food shortage and starvation that will, once again, take out humanity.

As the class destroyer is crossing the Mediterranean looking for the cure to save the world from a food crisis, Tom Chandler is about to face his own enemies in the new place he is living. “His "hero’s journey" becomes a modern day retelling of Homer’s Odyssey,” the synopsis read.

“The Last Ship” Season 4 will return on Aug. 20 on TNT with a two-hour premiere episode.